Jupiter and Saturn transit in the year 2014

Jupiter will be traveling into the watery sign of cancer on June 19 2014.

In our Solar System, it is Jupiter whose heavy gravitational field protects the earth from bombarding asteroids and sling-shots them back into outer space. This is a planet who grants protection from the evil tendency of the cosmic forces as well as the bad karmic energies built over series of births.

Jupiter is our higher intelligence.
The things that Jupiter brings into our lives last a long time: children, knowledge, growth of consciousness and lasting wealth.

Jupiter blesses the house it transits. His movement has a great impact on the world.
Cancer being the sign of exaltation for the planet of children, wealth, knowledge and finance. Jupiter is most comfortable in the warm and motherly sign of cancer.
Jupiter is called Guru in Vedic astrology, which means a Teacher. In the sign of cancer, it makes the most caring teacher, who ensures his natives are learning the life’s lessons under his warm shelter.

When Jupiter travels into the sign of cancer, it will be aspected by Saturn’s 10th aspect from the sign of Libra.

With the strict Saturn aspecting Jupiter, it makes sure the lessons taught by Jupiter are well learnt by its natives. It makes sure you handle your financial matters responsibly.

Again in November 2014, when Saturn will be moving into the sign of Scorpio, this aspect will reverse, i.e. Jupiter will again aspect Saturn with its 5th aspect. Giving its protection to the sign of Scorpio for a year.


10 thoughts on “Jupiter and Saturn transit in the year 2014

  1. MD

    Will there be any change in the bond/connection between a Soul and its Spiritual Guru due to Planet Jupiter’s transit? What will be the effects on the Souls on Planet Earth, seeking for their Real Spiritual Guru? Or the Souls whom their Spiritual Guru is trying to teach but the Souls are not able to understand?

    1. sapnaa Post author

      Jupiter ensures that you learn by creating such situations in your life where you learn. The medium of teaching is not just any specific Guru, Life itself teaches you everything knowingly or unknowingly.
      The impact on every individual is different, it depends on the position of the planet, the house it rules in a person’s chart, the planet’s dignity and such factors.

  2. Vaishali

    Hi Madam

    Thanks for this great article

    I have recently started taking interest in Astrology and was wondering if you can please help me understand if my husband and I are compatible or not. This will help me make some decisions.


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